ICodeLayouts.com Coming Soon

I am finally going to put one of my oldest domains to use. Its just been hard getting back into the working mode ever since I came back from Europe and I think its time to get some things rolling again for me.

I am announcing the start of I Code Layouts. Simply put, I will be coding web layouts and offering other web layout services such as PSD to WordPress conversions and PSD to xHTML conversions. The expected turnaround for these projects are generally a day or two and sometimes they are a lot quicker.

As usual, web standards are coming into play and all the layouts spit out by my trusty dreamweaver and photoshop will be xHTML and CSS valid. I am hoping to get a few solid clients to use my service and then expand out into something larger.

I am planning on developing a client system with icodelayouts.com and my other domain icodescripts.com which is currently expired… That reminds me to go renew it asap before it gets deleted. Anyways, with the client system, I will be using a custom panel where my clients can access either site and manage projects and such. It might be apart of my CMS that possibly will be released publicly or for a small fee.

One of my good friends, and recent clients Ryden Rizzo will be whipping up a layout for me. Hoping to get the site fully launched and serving by the end of the week. Already served one client under this name, only a handful more to go!

And if you ever forget just remember… I Code Layouts.