Getting rid of POP and turning on IMAP!

First off, you may be wondering what POP and IMAP are.  Simply put, they are two different mail technologies that devices (Smart Phones, iPhones, Blackberries) and desktop applications (Outlook,, Thunderbird) use.  They connect with a mail server, such as Gmail, AOL, or even your Gator Mail and grab the messages stored on the server. Continue reading

I’m now all Flickrd

I found this application for my iPhone called iFlickr and it allows me to take pictures on the iPhone and automatically upload them to my photostream on my Flickr account.

Setting it up was pretty easy – all I had to do was login to my flickr account and then launch the application and it was ready to take pictures.

Also, I added a flickr widget for wordpress so that I can display the latest photos that I am taking through an RSS Feed.  I am hoping I can have some fun with this new tool of mine, but you never know how things will end up going.

Visit my flickr! [jamie_chung]