I finally gave my old blog the boot!

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted and with due reason. First semester was seriously hectic. Meeting new people, doing new things and no one can ever forget those fun engineering classes.

I’ve had another blog up running for such a long time ( Not Another Portfolio ) and I finally did the 301 redirect on that website to redirect to my new online presence ( jamiechung.me )

I don’t know if anyone was using any of my tools or resources on the old blog but if you need me to restore them, just drop me a line. My email can be found at the top right of this site.

I hope to return to the blogging scene posting more frequent updates. It’s just that facebook makes it so much easier! Until next time. Happy New Years!

– Jamie

2 thoughts on “I finally gave my old blog the boot!

  1. I didn’t realize people actually still used it. I’ve gotten quite a few emails regarding the proxy not being up. I’ve restored it. Happy surfing!

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