Art Show: Reflection

Overall, I thought my art show was very successful.  I feel that I integrated the main goal of my art show into my pieces very well and the response from the audience was great.  I wanted to force the viewers to question what they were looking at, whether it is abnormally placed or just an interesting composition of objects.  I saw that on people’s faces when they were going through my show and it is a good feeling.3157_1068767514839_1095600109_2035321_5911180_n

I must admit that when I started this senior year in art, I was unsure about how I was going to accomplish all the requirements.  I didn’t feel that I had that strong enough of a connection with art in order to produce quality pieces or research to show my ideas and concepts.  I am thankful and relieved that I took the initiative to translate my artwork digitally.  It produced nothing but amazing artwork and I am definitely a lot more confident about myself as an artist on a whole.

I am glad that I was able to sell some of my pieces.  What is also a great thing about creating digital art is the ability to make multiple copies of it for all those who were interested in purchasing one for themselves.  When people wanted to buy my artwork, it made me feel even better about myself because it showed that both my artwork and myself as an artist has achieved a higher level of credibility.

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