Learning Ruby on Rails

Today is the second day of my dive using the RoR framework. I’ve been trying to read up on some tutorials and demonstrations using Ruby on Rails. I must say that it is quite interesting so far and even though there is going to be a definite learning curve coming from over 5 years of development using PHP, I don’t think it is an impossible one to overcome. What won me over was the 15 minute demonstration on how to deploy a pretty minimalistic blog in under 15 minutes. (check it out here: http://rubyonrails.org/screencasts)

I think it is time that I try to learn another language and so far, RoR is the path that I am going to take. With PHP, I had to write every line of code by myself and even with a framework such as CodeIgniter or CakePHP, extra time was needed to integrate the javascript and other fancy effects. Switching over to RoR, a lot of these external items will already be built in, speeding up the process. Not trying to say that I am turning my back on PHP, but a new pal to run along with won’t hurt.

Again, I must admit, after learning web development the long way, a little convention over configuration can only make things better.