Work in Progress: WordPress Manager

As many of you may know, I run my small web hosting company, and lately, a lot of my clients have been using WP blogs.  Like myself =).  What I am working on right now, is a WP Upgrade / Install script.  I would put in the variables, such as where the script is, and such, and it will upgrade / install the WP blog there.  It is going to be somewhat a server script that in reality, would upgrade WP when it is out dated.  I might plan on selling it commercially and get some profit off that shiznawt.

I plan to widen the support to forum systems, and other scripts that the average web host would need.  It should be very very interesting to see how well it works.  I just finished the installer part.  It is still mostly chicken scratch around, but it is simple and it will install the WP blog and return the admin/random password string that is genearted by WP on the installation page.

It is pretty sick, and I already have some people who are interested in purchasing it.

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