Surprisingly, I am still alive

So all is well, just giving a shout out to everyone and hoping that they are doing good.  Drop a comment and lets hear whats been going on!

I have been busy writing tutorials, working for $$$, paying bills, finishing up TS, fixing bugs and everything.  Its been a busy last couple of months, and it is easing up I must say.  I am going to get a nice custom blog design going and hopefully update you on some of my latest development projects in the making! is surely one of them, as I am leading that project over there with Cory.  Going to be a full blown commercial portfolio / client management system.  And of course, with the trust worthy security and love from me.

Tutorial Seek is almost done actually, and I am actually thinking about launching this month!  I have had a lot of curious eyes and faces asking what it in store, one thing answer to that:  The world’s first tutorial indexing search engine.

Anyways, just drop a line, let me know whats been going on.  Oh, and by the way, my portfolio is so out dated it is not even funny, I have a lot to fix that up in the near coming entries.

Take care, Jamie.

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