Finally the week is over

For those who are in constant contact with me, my week has been a very long one.  I had mid-terms and PSAT during this week and it was very very boring.  I am glad I don’t have school today and that this is the end of my week.  I got some work to do such as some new things for P2L and some client work.

I have been very busy in the past months with school and all, but everyone is fine.  Tutorial Seek is coming along very well – still waiting for a design.  You can check out the blog at ( ).  During the PR update, went up from a PR of 0 to PageRank 2.  I am pretty happy about that for sure.  Pixel-Designz ( ) also went up from a PR of 4 to PageRank 5.

Within the past month or so, I have been talking to quite a few people about different projects they are interested in collaborting with me.  I got Garrett and Cory from who wants me to join them in that project, that seems very interesting and then there is always the small freelance groups who want me.  I sometimes will give them a hand here and there, but the answer is generally no since money is scarce.

LiquidxHost will be getting a revamp within the next couple of weeks.  I got one of my good friends ( ) working up a template storm for me and it is one sexy beast so far.  I will redo prices and site content changing it up and advertising it more.  Hopefully I can draw enough people to substaing the server cost.  But that is not much of an issue right now.

ProxyMyAss is a quick proxy site I put together.  It has minimal advertising and its making me a good amount of side cash.  I am quite surprised from the outcome of it.  Its very nice.  If anyone is interested in buying it, just contact me.  I would be more than willing to sell it for best offer.
Well, thats enough for now for a quick update in my life.  Have a great weekend, I know I will.

2 thoughts on “Finally the week is over

  1. Hey dude,

    I’m just as pleased as you are that the week is done. I’ve got a week off now so i can chill and relax.

    Best Regards,

    Adam Ross

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