Today is the Day!

If you have been keeping up with the headlines over at and, you would of known that today, August 1st 2006 is the launch date of‘s Hammer Time project. After months of planning, thousands of lines of code, and late night coffee trips, it is finally here!

Everyone is excited about today – even for myself as a main developer on the HT project. But when is the real time of launch you ask? I am afraid I can’t even answer that one for you fellas as much as I would like. We have to still do some tweaks, optimizations and little things to make sure everything runs smoothly before we allow it to the public. 😉

During the upgrade process, the site will be inaccessible from any direction. I recommend you to keep close watch over for the latest updates that Dan posts about our progress toward the upgrade completion.
Well, I am off to work, where I can hopefully meet up with Dan and NG later to finish this project and send it packing to your screens! Today is the day, and remember that! So strap on your parachute pants and get ready for Pixel2Life v3 – Hammer Time!

3 thoughts on “Today is the Day!

  1. I do hope you are also excited about school in the next few days as you are about launching your new web site. Save some of that outburst of energy for school remember new term new rule

    Keep up the good work but remember I am all about school and the grades that you should get


  2. Well done Jamie, so much more functionality! Really like it.

    The navigation is slightly different, and will take some getting used to, but looks easy enough to learn.

    Not sure about the greens, I really enjoyed the blues of the site. Oh well.

    All in all. Top notch job.

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