Hammer Time: Running smoothly

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It has been a coupole of days since the v3 project has been launched over at Pixel2Life.com. It has been a rough and bumpy ride since, but things are cooling down and all seems well. We were planning on a launch time at 10:00 PM ( -5 Eastern ) the night of August 1st which was all in the clearing. Within about 10 minutes of launch, the box died on us because of some configuration settings that could not handle the load of the awaiting multitude. Tech was called in – rebooted the server and we were back up in an hour with proper tweaks and optimization set. It was pretty frustrating for myself and the rest of the dev team but we pulled through!

Since then, we have been working on getting the server load to a very minimal to ensure that even if we got dugg – we would still be able to survive! Thankfully to some extent, we did not get dugg which is something that we were all worried about that would definately put us in some deap crap. Cache systems have been optimized and queries reduced on some heavy visited pages. Overall, it is probably one of the most minimal and low profile running sites I have developed, being able to display a page with about 1 query.

Ever since the downtime we experienced on the first night, I have been keeping steady watch over the load to ensure that we are getting consistant numbers throughout the day ( even during peak hours ).

Coming up after all this optimization are bug reports that have been submitted by users who visit the site. This is going to be the not so fun part about the project, fixing holes found, css errors, making sure that the site still loads fast, and supports all modern browsers.

Summer is definately coming to a close and I have a knew scope on the web development genre of the internet.  I have a great portfolio coming up and its time to produce some more successful projects of my own to rake in the cash! I have some nice and innovative ideas that I would like to take to your screens, so stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Hammer Time: Running smoothly

  1. Hi Jamie
    Its me again I am not going to give you a break. This is all great but I want you to shift your geer and start thinking about school which is couple days away. You will be a tenth grader where you need to know which direction in life you are going to take and manke serious decisions. Get in the groove now and start cooling down and begin your journey to start focus on school


  2. sigh, summer went by so fast. Even I’m working on summer homework now. But yeah, great job with HT Jamie 🙂

  3. There’s no reason you won’t succeed|

    Sure reaching for your dreams can be a little scary, But under any self doubt you may have, you’ve got the emergy, courage and talent to achieve anything your hert desires plus the smarts to get around any road block. You know what you want. So starting today, replace “I can’t” with “I will” and go for it!

    I love you continue to work hard


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