What have I been doing?

Wow, It has been a while since I posted on my blog. I am such a bad boy… 🙁 Let me give you a summary of what I have been up to. This will surely answer most of the questions I get in emails asking about whats going on in my web development world.

I have not touched my own homesite in a while. I am changing my server soon in anticipation of v4 when I am done with all my very very sketchy summer projects. When I release v4, I will definately be on more writing tutorials and giving it a facelift. I have seen some ideas that I liked this summer thus so far and I am loving it. I will be posting a feature suggestion form to get input from the visitors. I have even got several requests for the script to be bought? Nice try guys, custom job. 🙂

The hosting business is still going a little weak but LXH is definately picking up in business. I broke even for the server a couple weeks ago and I am planning on expanding onto a new server due to the high traffic load on the client’s sites to relieve server stress. But for right now, I just ordered some upgrades to stabalize the server a bit.

Yes, the secret is out. I have been mainly working on Pixel2life.com. Dan, NG and I have been secretly working on a new feature to add onto the P2L website codenamed: Hammer Time. Even though I would love to post lovely screen shots and tell details of what it entails, you will have to wait until it launches, which should be within the next couple of weeks.

I still do the template coding, site transfer and fixing the script deal. It is enough to keep me alive with all my expenses, mainly because I have not been able to advertise LXH as much since I have been busy with some other works in the making.

Thats it for now, I will post some more things soon and try to keep you guys updated!