Glad to be home. Again.

This past week I was on a Mission Trip in Georgia with my church.  It was a work camp where kids from all different middle/highschool church youth groups from all over the country ( about 400 kids/adults ) and worked on homes in Valdosta, Georgia.  Experiencing such work through God’s eyes was amazing for the residents were the sweetest with pure hearts and good intentions.  It was some what hard to be away from the computer all week, luckily nothing bad happened while I was gone, server had 100% uptime all week which is good.  That 1GB RAM upgrade really came in handy that I requested a few weeks back so that is all good now.

Came back.  Put my cell to charge, dumped pictures from camera onto my PC and then signed on then IMs started pouring out like crazy.  It was hard to get back into the work desk mood but its a switch I do a lot when I come back from my “vacation”.  If you call waking up at 6:45 AM to annoying songs and painting homes from 8:30 to 2:30 fun, be my guest, but it was a very relaxing and things that I look forward to get outside and breathe the real fresh air once in a while 😉

I am also proud to say that I got a promotion over at!  I am now an Administrator on their community forums!  Go me!  Things should be rolling out with Hammer Time ( P2L’s Secret Project ) any week now.  I am looking forward to the public release – same for the private beta release.

All in all, it is good to be back home.  The seven hour drive to and fro was a bit hecktic, but other churches had 18 hour drives so I am thankful for that.  Me and my girlfriend were both out of town ( she was at a canoe camp ) so we could not get intouch with each other.  She called me when she got the chance and I just realized that tomorow is our one month!  Go me again! So I am off to go order some flowers to go send to her door since she will be working tomorow all day.  Atleast when she gets home, she will have something pleasant to look at until I come see her!  Hope to blog again soon, I just realized its pretty long.  hehe.

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  1. Hey, it seems your missing one part that you told me over im’s figured I’d post on your blog and see if maybe we can link sites and stuff some time later when I get mine up and going. I’ll be getting off of vacation on Friday so I’ll have to do the switch to but hey it’s something you gotta do in life so what the hell. Check out my site and thanks a ton for the hosting man it’s great.

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