I’m Still Alive!

Ive been very busy lately, havn’t even got alot of time to post on my own blog! Anyways, I’ll give you the run down what has been happening in the last month or so.

Remember that contest that me and my two friends entered?
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Well, we won something…AGAIN! We placed the same spot as we did last year, which is 2nd place in the entire south east region of the US, and we got another $3,000 dollars in saving bonds. This time around, my mom asked to get interviewed by the local newspaper, and they were interested, believe it or not. So we got interviewed along with our teaam advisor. So when that gets published, I will sure let you guys know!
Check the project out:

Lastest Client:
My last client, which was a very interesting one was at http://www.droppinglist.com DroppingList is a site in which has the daily domains that are expiring and dropping. So if you are domain hunting for an old domain that might be worth something for your next site, you should go check them out. When I last checked their database, they were around 2,500 domains, but that was a week ago. 😉 Trust me, the database will grow.

My website, http://www.pixel-designz.net is still going strong. I’ve spent alittle bit more time on it getting some things and bugs done, but not that much as I wanted to. I am in the process of brainstorming for the v4. Possibly will get that done over the summer. Its gonna rock! I love my playground! 😉

I’ve recently bought a new domain – http://www.icodelayouts.com. This site is going to be a basic service site, you post job request to get your layout coded by muah, and I get it to you. Of course, I still charge my standard flat of $30/css/xhtml layout, but we shall see how that turns out.

I’ve also bought another domain – http://www.icodescripts.com. This site is going to be a partner in crime along with iCodeLayouts.com. On this, you would post a job request for a script/site/etc and I would code it customly for you. I am still debating on how to work out that system, but I am sure it will be well worth it.

Wow, that is going along really well. I’ve got a entire nice plan going out for it, planning out how its gonna work and such. It is looking really cool from my point of view. Even though I don’t know if it will be a freesource script or licensed, its going to be a really nice addition to the tutorial community.

Other FreeSource Scripts
I am on the final stage of the ACMS ( Affiliation Content Management System ). All the back end coding is all done, just to put it all together and such. It is going to feature alot of new and updated stuff – coded for the newer servers vs my other scripts when I just started out coding. This will definately add a new look on affiliations, making the ndlinks system obsolete.

Secret Projects
Within the last few days – a lot of new projects have popped into play. I’ve got a few deals going on here and there, but as much as I would like to tell you guys what it is – I can’t. 😛 They include from small scale projects and side tracks to entire large communities. You will have to just wait and see until they have been revealed. 🙂

Happy Mothers Day!
To all the good moms and non moms out there, I would like to say a happy mothers day! I wouldn’t be here without you mom! Much love. =)

Anyways, I hope I can become more active on the blog again, with most of my projects starting to being developed, and finals next week, I will try my hardest to keep you updated!

For now, cya!

4 thoughts on “I’m Still Alive!

  1. Woo, you finally updated! 🙂

    Loving the new design. Simple = Best.

    Dropping list looks pretty nice too. Good job.

  2. That’s pretty cool, because our class is also working on something similar to eCyberMission. We are doing project citizen, where we identify a problem in our community and try to make a difference and help fix this problem. We chose the Medical Malpractice Crisis in New Jersey. Our site is at http://njhealthcourts.blogspot.com/

  3. All sounding good Jamie, looking forward to all these projects, the summers going to rock, so many new projects all over the globe 😀

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