So Many Clients, So Little Time…

Well, I am sure that my name is out there, atleast some where. I have had so many clients coming in needing jobs done that its crazy! I have Dan from with a recode of his blog / script and I have another client who is starting up a myspace supply site with a CMS to do all the little chores. There is also another one who wants a Movie Trailer CMS. One with a Word Press layout that needs coded. An entertainment site CMS thingy mah bobber. And also, has to be released within about 2 weeks. A Game Review CMS, and probably a lot more stored somewhere else. Of course all these tasks will be completed, and before dinner too 😀

The problem I have is that I have school and I participate in a lot of activities at my Church and in my community. You just wait world! Wait until I am out of school! YOU WILL BE MINE! 😛

Not that I am complaining, I need to build up my portfolio with some nice looking sites, well developed and such. That will bring in even bigger clients in the future. Plus, I need the money to support my projects / LiquidxHost ( The BEST Webhost by the way… 😛 ) I still have not started on TutCMS, my sweet project. I may pick up a few friends and ask them to tag along for the development of that script, who knows. I also have volunteered to help out in some other projects too. School just takes up so much of my day. I get up at 5:45, go to the bus by 6:20. Reach school by 7:10 on a good morning. Go to school…. School ends at 2:30, get home at minutes to 4:00. Turn on computer, check mail, do homework, check mail again, go online / visible. Do work if I am home that day, and then BOOM, its 12:30, back to bed… So yah, So Many Clients, So Little Time… 🙂

6 thoughts on “So Many Clients, So Little Time…

  1. good luck man. i know your names out there too because i keep getting IM’s with people telling me your their best friend on the net lmao.

    Good luck with LXH too, and finish v3 by the 19th *wink*

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