Can you count from one to ten in eight languages?

I have recently entered a competition called eCybermission. Students choose a topic in your community and find a way to solve it. What we did, was accelerated learning using technology… You can’t pretty much beat the WWW, that is pretty high tech already! We got translations in counting from one to ten in the following languages:








American Sign

You should check it out, you will more and likely learn something new, and you can never stop learning!
More about the project:
eCybermission is a nation wide science competition in the United States in which teams compete at a chance of getting atleast $3000 in saving bonds towards our future, things like college. The longer you keep it, the most interest builds up on it, the more interest, the more it is worth, get my drift? 😛 Since our team placed Second in the South East Region last year and we each got 3k a piece (not too bad eh?), we decided to go again but this time, for first place! This year, we entered once more since the odds are better at winning, and we hope to get first place, which is about 8k a piece, and an all paid for trip to Washington D.C. to present our project infront of the army, or something like that, its gonna be pretty big though, so wish me luck! The results come in later in the school year, maybe towards, the end, so I hope we get atleast another 3k a piece, that would be wonderful 😀
Check the project out:

Thats all for now, bed time 😉

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  1. I hope that now summer is almost over it is time to get focus on your academics and spin the coin. Remember your education comes first after that you can add all the pleasure you like. Education is key in life it is a golden opportunity and remember time wasted cannot be regain


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